15 junio, 2021

Soccer Jersey Haul #1 ATTACK OF THE AMAZON

Buy these finger licking good jerseys on Amazon -Colonel Jeff Bezos



Mexico(Price went back up on these 🙂

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9 comentario en “Soccer Jersey Haul #1 ATTACK OF THE AMAZON

  1. I bought the 1st 2 jersey from Amazon as well around the same time only the new castle was in green. They are legit jerseys. And same I paid around $8-$10 for them. Maybe since it was the beginning of quarantine they went on sale. It was a great deal. Just gotta search for them. Great video by the way 👍

  2. Are these jersey real, my reasons for asking is because I been looking for the Mexico's jerseys and I keep seeing some that look super off from the originals and how some reviews say that they had gotten ones with bad stitchings and others don't have every single detail a real one should have. Keep up the great work man 🤟🏽🤟🏽

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