15 mayo, 2021

What Happens to Used Football Kits After a Game (T-Shirts Disappearance Explained)

Today we will answer the question that you probably asked yourself quite often after watching football matches till the very end. Some players swap their jerseys, others give shirts to random fans, while most players simply leave the pitch. So, what happens to football player’s kit after the match? Let’s geek this out.

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10 comentario en “What Happens to Used Football Kits After a Game (T-Shirts Disappearance Explained)

  1. I believe Mason Mount and John Terry have said that they get three sets each year for the premier league and the same for each competition (FA Cup, UCL, Carabao Cup etc.) if they give it away they said they have to buy it for themselves again.

  2. I have a friends that work as a kitman. He told me that if the players gave it to the fans or swap with the other players. They need to pay back for the jersey.
    Some players from the richest club doesn't care and simply can pay back with their money. But some clubs they only manufacturing one shirt or just simply the player are too greedy to give it to the fans..
    But somehow , matchworn kits are the best!

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