15 mayo, 2021

36 comentario en “DHGATE Soccer Jersey Haul #1

  1. plz, i would like to buy the new man city 2020/21 kit the third one (black one) ive been searching allot to find out who's the best seller but i couldn't figure it out as ther is no pictures review on dhgate could you plz send me the link of the best dh gate seller you know

  2. Nice pick ups, I would hand wash and hang dry them if you want them to last a long time. The machine's too rough on them even on gentle wash. Also, a lot of poshmark sellers sell these for $40+ on that site. Not just that, but sometimes when you need a kit, you go on eBay to find one. No one will note "these are dhgate jerseys" they just show it as is. So no one can actually tell unless you're absolutely looking for the design flaw.

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